Article Journal Download
"Environmental Externalities from Agriculture: Evidence from Water Quality in the United States” (with Christine L. Crago) American Journal of Agricultural Economics
"Short-Run Environmental Effects of COVID-19: Evidence from Forest Fires” Media Coverage: The Kathmandu Post | Nepali Times World Development
Vol. 137, pp. 1-13, January 2021
"Bus Ridership and Service Reliability: The Case of Public Transportation in Western Massachusetts” Transport Policy
Vol. 100, pp. 98-107, January 2021
"Natural Disasters and Human Capital: The Case of Nepal's Earthquake”
(with Hanbyul Ryu)
World Development
Vol. 111, pp. 1-12, November 2018
"Community-Managed Forests, Household Fuelwood Use and Food Consumption” Ecological Economics
Vol. 147, No. 5, pp. 62-73, May 2018
“Demographic Responses to a Political Transformation: Evidence of Women’s Empowerment from Nepal” (with Pedro de Araujo) Journal of Comparative Economics
Vol. 45, No. 2, pp. 325-343, May 2017
“HIV-related Knowledge and Risky Sexual Behavior in Sub-Saharan Africa” (with Smriti Agarwal and Pedro de Araujo) Oxford Development Studies
Vol. 41, No. 2, pp. 173-188, May 2013
“A Behavioral Approach to Stock Pricing” (with Judy Laux) Journal of Applied Business Research
Vol. 26, No. 3, pp. 99-106, June 2010

Working Papers

Title Status Download
"Economic Impact of Environmental Disasters: Evidence from Forest Fires” Undergoing 2nd Round of Revision Download
"Spillover Effects of Natural Disasters” (with Hanbyul Ryu) Under Review Download
"Migration and Labor Market” (with Hanbyul Ryu) Under Review Download
"Effects of Human Interference on Water” (with Steve Hall) Under Review Download
"Climate Change and Agriculture: Implications for Fertilizer Use and Water Quality in the United States” (with Christine L. Crago) Available upon request Download
"Fertilizer Subsidy and Agricultural Productivity in Nepal”
(with Christine L. Crago)
Available upon request Download

Ongoing Projects

Title Status Download
"Adaptation to Climate Change: Evidence from Tillage” (with Conor Carney) In Progress Download
"Agriculture and Water” (with Taro Mieno) In Progress Download
"Measuring Natural Capital: Evidence from Forests” (with Youpei Yan) In Progress Download
"Spillover Effects of Agricultural Input Programs on Environment” In Progress Download
"Political Protests and Development: Prospects of Women’s Empowerment" In Progress Download
"Environmental Regulation and Water Quality in the United States” In Progress Download


Title Status Download
"Incentivizing Solar Installations: Lessons for Design and Implementation” Complete Download
"Size, type, and Classification of Farms and Ranches in the Rockies” Complete Download