Article Journal Download
"Environmental Shocks and Agriculture: Implications of Floods on Labor Market Outcomes” (with Vikrant K. Kamble and Ashok Mishra) Environment and Development Economics
"Universal Social Protection and Gender Disparities in Food Security: Insights from Nepal” Media Coverage: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) | Asian Development Bank (ADB) Journal of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association
"The Social Behavior of Immigrants During Natural Disasters: Lessons from the United States” (with Veeshan Rayamajhee) Journal of Comparative Economics
"Natural Hazards and Religion-based Disparities in Human Capital: Lessons from Forest Fires" Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy
Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 1-10, May 2024
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Vol. 57, No. 49, pp. 20583-20594, December 2023
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"Challenges in Water and Sanitation Services: Do Natural Disasters Make Matters Worse?" Review of Development Economics
Vol. 27, No. 4, pp. 2565-2582, December 2023
"Moving to the Country: Understanding the Effects of Covid-19 on Property Values and Farmland Development Risk” (with Kelsey Johnson, Lee Parton, Christoph Nolte, Jodi Brandt, Matt Williamson and Theresa Nogeire-McRae) Journal of Housing Economics
Vol. 62, pp. 1-22, December 2023
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Media Coverage: KTVB News Group
Social Science & Medicine
Vol. 285, pp. 1-11, September 2021
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(with Hanbyul Ryu)
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“A Behavioral Approach to Stock Pricing” (with Judy Laux) Journal of Applied Business Research
Vol. 26, No. 3, pp. 99-106, June 2010

Book Chapters

Title Status Download
"Spillover Effects of Natural Disasters on Human Capital” (with Hanbyul Ryu) Published Download
"The Northwest chapter in Fifth National Climate Assessment” (with Michael Chang, Li Erikson, Kathleen Araújo, Erica Asinas, Samantha Chisholm Hatfield, Lisa G. Crozier, Erica Fleishman, Ciarra Greene, Eric Grossman, Charles Luce, Kirti Rajagopalan, Elise Rasmussen, Crystal Raymond, Julian Reyes, and Vivek Shandas) Coverage: The White House Press Release | The Norman Transcript Published Download
"Natural Disasters, Property Damages and Aid: Implications for Policy” Published Download

Working Papers

Title Status Download
"Wildfires Have Increased Economic Inequality across the Globe” Revision Requested Download
"Economic Impact of Large Earthquakes: Lessons from Residential Property Values” Revision Requested Download
"Quantifying Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change: Lessons from India” (with Nilesh Shinde) Under Review Download
"Spillover Effects of Agricultural Inputs on Environment” Under Review Download
"Environmental Risks and Lobbying Strategies” Under Review Download
"Economic Impact of Broadband Grants: Empirical Evidence from the US”
(with Minhae Kim)
Under Review Download
"Human-induced Fires and Residential Market Demand”
(with Hanbyul Ryu and Jihwan Kim)
Under Review Download
"Environmental Impact of Cover Crops: Insights from the US”
(with Roderick Rejesus)
Available upon request Download
"Market Responses to Multiple Hurricane Exposures in Florida: Evidence from Real Estate Sales Data” (with Fan Jiang, Bakhtear Talukdar and Pallab Mozumder) Available upon request Download
"Addressing the Threat of Groundwater Depletion: Does a Command-and-Control Approach Work?” (with Nilesh Shinde and Sakshi Upadhyay) Available upon request Download
"Climate Change, Agriculture and Water Quality” (with Christine L. Crago) Available upon request Download

Ongoing Projects

Title Status Download
"Adaptation to Climate Change: Evidence from Tillage” (with Conor Carney) In Progress Download
"The Impacts of Natural Disasters on Local Bank Branches: Insights from County-Level Data in the United States” (with Chi-Young Choi and Minhae Kim) In Progress Download
"Environmental Effects of Immigration Shocks” (with Nilesh Shinde) In Progress Download
"Air Pollution and Suicides” (with Nilesh Shinde) In Progress Download
"Natural Disasters and Human Capital” In Progress Download


Title Status Download
"Incentivizing Solar Installations: Lessons for Design and Implementation” Complete Download
"Size, type, and Classification of Farms and Ranches in the Rockies” Complete Download